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This delightful children’s book about the tumultuous relationship between a dog and cat will make you laugh as they fight and then become friends while they both try to get the attention of their owners. They ultimately win their hearts – as they will yours.

Did anyone ever tell you that dogs and cats would never get along? This delightful story explores what happens when a cat is introduced into a family with a dog and explores the tumultuous relationship between these very different species. Children will delight in the moment when the two finally learn to live peacefully together under the same roof. In this story, we see an example of how a dog and cat learn how to communicate with each other. Patience and self-control are the keys to a dog and cat forming a tender and loving friendship.

SHEN Shixi was born in Shanghai, China, in 1952. In 1969, he was sent to a remote rural area to live with a hunter, who took him hunting all over the region. It was this way that he learnt a great deal about animals and how they behaved. He has written over twenty prize-winning books for children, most of them about animals. He has been called “China’s King of Animal Stories.”
SHEN Yuanyuan is a graduate of China’s Academy of Art. She has collaborated with many famous children’s book authors and illustrated more than twenty children’s picture books. She has received the IBBY Award for one of her children’s picture books.

Age Range: 5-7

Book Details
SHEN Shixi
SHEN Yuanyuan
21.4 x 0.8 x 24.0 cm - 40 pages
Release Date:
June 2017
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