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A beautifully written, intriguing and poetic story that highlights the importance of being kind and helping others.

One snowy night, Peter is fast asleep in his cozy house when he hears knocking at his door. During the storm he has three visitors, but when he wakes the next morning, they are all gone. Was it just a dream? A clever tale of trust with a twist! With charming watercolor illustrations throughout, the story has a serious side but shows a lighter humorous side as well.

Tilde Michels was born in Frankfurt, Germany in 1920. She studied foreign languages in Hamburg and Munich, and began her career as a foreign correspondent in France and England. Her first attempt at creative writing was a fairytale for the Neue Zeitung, for which she was commissioned to write the text for a picture book. The result was “Karlines Ente” (Karline’s Duck) with pictures by L Fromm. Michels continued to work as a freelance author and translator, and lived with her family in Munich until she died in October 2012.

Reinhard Michl was born in Lower Bavaria, Germany, in 1948. He trained to be a typesetter, but then studied graphic design and art in Munich. He has worked continuously as a freelance draughtsman, painter and illustrator. Since the mid 1970s, Michl has collaborated with many famous authors on more than 100 books, including about 40 picture books.

Age Range: 5-8



Book Details
Tilde Michels
Reinhard Michl
21.0 x 0.3 x 24.0 cm - 28 pages
Release Date:
February 2015
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