Book Description

All shoes come in twos, but one red shoe becomes separated from its pair. This shoe dearly misses the other shoe and feels so lonely and afraid. When the red shoe meets a greedy, solitary mouse, who has grown used to living alone and has never experienced loneliness, the shoe has an idea. Can this mouse help the red shoe find his friend? Along the way, the usually independent mouse comes to understand the feeling that is loneliness.

Sulan Tang is a literary professor at Hunan Normal University and a celebrated children’s author. She is a two-time recipient of both the Chinese National Award for Outstanding Children’s Literature and the Zhang Tianyi Children’s Literature Award, and a winner of the Chen Bochui and the Song Qingling Awards for Children’s Literature.

Ke WANG has worked as an art editor since graduating from Nanjing University of Arts, majoring in oil painting. Recently, he has focussed on illustrating picture books for children.

Age Range: 5-7

Book Details
Sulan Tang
26.0 x 0.8 x 21.0 cm - 40 pages
Release Date:
March 2018
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