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Book Description

A fun-packed tale about the importance of having a sense of belonging and friendship.

The Cowardly Lion is a beautiful, heart-warming tale about friendship and the importance of courage and loyalty. An unfortunate lion, Telulu, keeps running away from other creatures, but he gets physically smaller and smaller each time, until he’s the size of a mouse. With the forest animals cheering the lion on, he faces his fears and returns to normal size with the mouse as his closest friend.

Bingbo is one of China’s best-known and most successful writers for children. He has published hundreds of children’s stories, winning over fifty awards for his work. These include the Chinese National Award for Outstanding Children’s Literature, the Soong Ching Ling Children’s Literature Award, and the Bing Xin Children’s Literature Award.

Jianming Zhou has illustrated a number of picture books, and has worked as Art Editor at China Children’s Press for more than twenty years. He is a graduate of the Central Academy of Arts and Crafts in China.

Age Range: 5-8


Book Details
Jianming Zhou
21.5 x 0.3 x 22.5cm - 32 pages
Release Date:
March 2015
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