Snail’s Crowded House

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Book Description

Just a moment ago, the sun was still smiling in the sky, but now the rain is pouring down. However, the rain does not worry Snail because he has his own little house that fits him perfectly. Amidst the rain, an ant, a bunny and a little boy come running to the snail. One after another, they all ask the same question: “Can I come in to your house to shelter from the rain?” How will Snail’s shell hold them all? Children will enjoy this amusing and absurd tale of Snail sharing his little house.

Sulan Tang is a literary professor at Hunan Normal University and a celebrated children’s author. She is a two-time recipient of both the Chinese National Award for Outstanding Children’s Literature and the Zhang Tianyi Children’s Literature Award, and a winner of the Chen Bochui and the Song Qingling Awards for Children’s Literature.

Suming Zheng, born and raised in Malaysia, loves painting and creative art activities. She studied graphic design at the Nanyang Academy of Arts (NAFA) in 1990, and after graduation founded Media Zone in Singapore for graphic and multimedia design.

Age Range: 5-7

Book Details
Sulan Tang
Suming Zheng
21.0 x 0.8 x 26.0 cm - 40 pages
Release Date:
October 2017
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