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Please feel free to get in touch with any enquiries, ideas, requests and comments via the contact details below:

Starfish Bay Children’s Books
PO Box 35760, Browns Bay, Auckland 0753

Individual Customers
Our books are available from most good bookshops in New Zealand. If a title is not available on the shelf, your local bookshop should be happy to order it on your behalf.However, if you are unable to obtain a copy through a local bookseller please contact us at

School Customers
If you need to order titles for a school, you might be happy to support your local bookshops and library suppliers. You can also contact our distributor, or contact us at

Review Copies/Publicity/Marketing and Press Office
Please contact us at for media inquiries and review copies. It is always a pleasure to send out review copies.

Editorial Corrections, Errors and Omissions
Please contact us at for editorial corrections, errors and omissions.

Rights and Permissions:
If you have an enquiry about the available publishing rights to any of our books please contact us at

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